Is designed for resolving hair problems and for stopping them to happen. Each product acts simultaneously on the all the main causes of hair loss, providing solutions for each one of them. Some of these problem areas include, blocking free radicals, stimulating micro circulation, growth of new hair cells ensuring more vigorous and resistant hair and a reduction of oil production to help keep the pours clear.

  • Anti-Dandruff – Anti-Dandruff purifies the hair and scalp and reduces dry or greasy dandruff. Deep cleansing and long lasting anti-dandruff effect.
  • Sebum Balance – Sebum Balance is a hypoallergenic treatment with anti-seborrhoea active ingredients that deeply purifies your hair and scalp. It decisively reduces the excess of sebum by controlling the sebaceous glands.
  • Anti-Hairloss – Anti-Hairloss is a hypoallergenic treatment which prevents hair loss while renewing and strengthening hair density. Your hair roots will be stronger, your scalp will be soothed and reinforced while giving an extraordinary body-effect.
  • S.O.S Calm – S.O.S Calm is a treatment that helps reduce the irritation produced by certain substances usually found in shampoos and bath gels. Particularly recommended for cases of sudden itching that call for an immediate soothing, softening and relaxing treatment.
  • Total Detox Remedy – A three step program that aims to purify, restore, and defends the hair from the damage. It also help to strengthen and revitalize the hair while increasing resistance against the damage cause by pollution.